Installing CFW on a PSP-1000(PSP-110)

Guide to install CFW on a PSP-1000 using version ofw2.60 with Battery PSP-110.

Having installed the cfw successfully on my own PSP-2000(Slim) by pandorizing my battery, I had the task to do the same to a PSP-1000(Phat).

Firstly I tried to start the Phat PSP with my modded Slim Battery when I remembered the Slim Battery doesn’t work with Phat PSPs.

Then I tried to Softmod the Phat Battery through my Slim with pan3xx(Pandora Installer for 3.xx -R3a- from Hellcat) but the board version of my Slim doesn’t allow that.

So I came to the conclusion that I could hardmod the Phat Battery but when I opened it I saw that it was different than the normal Phat Batteries, since it was the PSP-110 Battery which is a uncommon chinese version. (the circuit inside the battery was not on the large side but on the small top of it)

Searching google I found out that there was a way to downgrade ofw2.50-2.71 to ofw1.50 and then install a cfw. Since the downgrader for 2.60 needed an UMD of GTA:LCS to run an exploit I updated to 2.71 which used a bug in the XMB Photo menu using a ‘.tiff’ file.

To flash the firmware I also needed the downdater which contains the flashed 1.50 firmware files. To run  the tiff exploit you need to start the psp and go to the Photo menu. There is a 90% probability the PSP will crash. Even if the MS light is on you can safely reset the psp IF THE SCREEN IS NOT TOTALLY RED and try again.

If the screen is red, the exploit is running and you should leave the PSP charging until the psp shuts down by itself. Start the psp again. and run the “kxploit permanent patcher” and run the “3.52 M33UPDATE”.

There ! Now the Phat has a CFW installed.

Install the 3.52m33-3 update just to be able to update to the latest cfw(The latest installers need 3.52m33-3 to be able to update).

(Obs.: only after version 3.80m33 does the Updater in the XMB update to CFWs instead of OFW. If you update to OFW you will need a pandorized phat battery to be able to install a CFW again. Currently I do not know of any downgrader or exploiter of the latest original firmwares.)


Downgrader/Downdater 2.71

CFW installer for 1.50


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