Migrating VirtualBox to Vmware ESXi

A while back I was expermenting with Vmware ESXi 3.5 and wanted to convert a Virtualbox VM to a Vmware ESXi VM.

I found a way to convert the image file from .vdi to .vmdk but not the configuration files. The solution to convert .vdi to .vmdk was to have ‘vditools’ and ‘qemu’ on ubuntu.

Converting .vdi to raw(DD)

$vditools COPYDD .vdi .raw

Converting raw to .vmdk

$qemu-img convert .raw -O vmdk .vmdk

But I still had a problem importing the vmdk image to ESXi(through datastore manager or scp upload).

I finally did it using vmware converter to convert and upload directly to a infrastructure server, my vmware esxi server in this case.

Worked on ubuntu server7.04 and windows server 2003.


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