Motorola XT300/Spice – INTRO

I bought myself a Moto XT300/Spice. Since I live in Brazil, I got the Brazilian version of the phone.

I will, in the next days(if I’m not to lazy) write posts about the phone and my experiences with it, and trying to hack it.

Processor: Qualcomm msm7225 @ 528MHz
RAM: 512MB
Screen: Multitouch 3″ TFT QVGA 240×320
Camera: 3.2MP Static Focus
Battery: Motorola BT60
OS: Android Eclair 2.1-update1

Has physical qwerty slide keyboard, compass, accelerometer, backtrack and supports 3G.

Came with a 2GB microSD.

I find the Backtrack useless, camera could be better(as always in smartphones) and I miss flash leds.

While testing my phone I also discovered that rebooting consumes more battery than I thought… Each boot consumes about 10% of your total charge!

The phone comes with FlashbackSHOP4APPS and Phone Portal(or similar), flashback being a motorola cpu hogging application, shop4apps a useless market replacement and phone portal providing some interface with flashback and perhaps the Motorola PC tools.

Flashback records and shows your and your contacts activities, including calls, messages, faceboot updates, etc.

I think that for the price the phone is worthwhile.

Note: My posts about this phone will not be idiot proof. It is always good to google first, since I don’t guarantee that what I’m saying is correct. Feel free to ask how to do something or if I can make a file available for you.


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