Motorola XT300/Spice – Recovering

There are six ways to recover your phone, from various stages of damage. Of course, for most of these processes, you still need to get your hands on a stock rom image, or have your own ready from a previous backup.( I explained earlier the recommended steps to begin using your phone)

The simpler once are the hard reset and data wipe, which just remove normal user info/modifications as the registered accounts, settings and user installed apps.

Both can be accessed through the recovery boot, powering up the device with POWER+X and the pressing ALT+L on the exclamation mark screen. Then select the desired option with the volume keys and press enter when satisfied(or not) with your choice.

This is the most recommended recovery for simple problems that were probably not caused by inadvertent hacking.

Through the recovery boot it is also possible to flash a update.zip from the root of your sdcard. This package can do a multitude of things, basically change every aspect of the phone. BUT, and thats a BIG but, the update.zip apparently needs to be signed to be used with the stock recovery boot and thus, cannot be used to recover your phone(unless someone hacks on up or leaks an original one).

The most recommended and probably useful to recovery your phone from problems/hacks/whatsoever is the flashboot process. This allows direct flashing of the images at the bootloader stage, which AFAIK is not easily broken. To enter the fastboot mode, power your device pressing POWER+VOLUME KEYS. This will present a blue image. Connect your usb cable and get a copy of the fastboot binary for your computer(google it).

(Yeah.. I erased it… no fastboot anymore.. erase recovery too, don’t know if recovery would be booted. Wouldn’t help probably.)

With fastboot you can flash the partitions back to the stock ones(boot, system, recovery). Have tested to recovery my recovery in this mode. Will not boot modded partitions because of the certificate verification mentioned in an earlier post.

Note: I haven’t been able to recovery from a corrupted system partition. When repacking the extracted system.tar.gz(acquired via romdump) the phone apparently installs the data partition but enters bootloop afterwards…

Fastboot flashing update.zips, although these appear to be different from the ones used by the recovery mode.
They must have one of the following files:


android-product seems to be older, and is transformed to

board=$(cat android-product.txt)

which should be similar to the content of android-info.txt…
This update.zip must also contain at least boot.img and system.img.
Can have recovery.img.
Can use boot.sig, system.sig, recovery.sig(whatever those really are)

Note: using android-product.txt does not seem to work, apparently because of the fact that by default the requirement for baseband is ‘’, whereas the device has an empty baseband(?)

My android-product.txt ended up being just:


It appears that this update.zip does not need to be signed, ignores any other files(? at least system/ and META-INF) present in the zip.

You can also recover your phone with the flash_image binary for android. The problem is that to use it, your system must be running and you must have rooted it. So you can in theory only restore the recovery partition this way.

RSD mode… Apparently motorola has developed a proprietary protocol similar to fastboot to flash stuff onto your phone. This would require sbf images or signed update.zips(AFAIK) to be used with RSD-Lite. The problem is, AFAIK, the rsd mode in xt300/spice’s boot has not been discovered yet. Sorry.(UPDATED! boot pressing space to enter the RSD mode!)

So, the SBF images can be gotten when updating the phone using the Software Updater available from motorola. It will download the SBF files when you update, just make sure you save them. They are downloaded to the softwares program files.
Apparently it IS possible to flash an SBF image onto the XT300, but it hasn’t really a RSD mode. When rebooting into bootloader, the RSD mode can be accessed for a time, then the bootloader passes on. Using rsd-lite to reboot the phone into rsd-mode/bootloader should work.

I will make an sbf image available here in the future, when I have time again.

Sorry, I’ve been busy with my new Nexus One I bought in eBay for $260 and is having that weird touchscreen problem where touches register in the wrong height…

Apparently the RSD/BOOTLOADER mode has been found for the XT300. YAY!
Just power on the phone while space is pressed! Should be usable with RSD Lite to flash an SBF image. Have not tested the flashing.
(via Mariano, mipcomp[AT gmail])

As always, when installing another/new/whatever Android OS, clear cache and userdata(factory reset)… this normally prevents bootloops and other bugs… the downside is that you have to configure everything again and download the apps once more.


70 Responses to “Motorola XT300/Spice – Recovering”

  1. 1 Arief
    2011/06/11 at 02:02

    Hi.. I have an XT300 I bought in China. it does not come with market and all the google services. I tried manually installing market and google services, but it didn’t work. So I tried creating update.zip from someone else’s rom dump (from Canada’s mobilicity XT300). But when I tried to run update.zip from boot screen, the installation is aborted.

    Any idea how to flash my XT300? Any help will be much appreciated.


    • 2 Mariano
      2011/07/06 at 01:32

      Hello, before I apologize for my English.
      My SPICE XT300 No boot and only the Motorola logo remained on the screen.
      After many attempts and several readings I was able to reinstall the entire system in my motorola XT300.
      Using RSD Lite 4.9, and when trying to use the ROM “SESLAU301.72.0” gave me the error: “Unable to retrieve interface handle. (0x7027); phone connected” and I could not do it until I did what I describe below.

      1 – Download the SESLA_U3_01.72.0.sbf (Copy it to C: \)
      2 – Install all drivers SPICE XT300.
      3 – Connect the SPICE XT300 with the USB cable.
      4 – Run RSD Lite 4.9.
      5 – Remove the battery from the phone and wait a few seconds.
      6 – Insert the battery cell phone and when it starts, hold down the X key on the keyboard until the XT300 a triangle with an exclamation point after that press the key combination ALT + X to access the RECOVERY.
      7 – Select WIPE DATA / CACHE using the volume control keys and the ENTER key.
      8 – Pay attention now, and remember that you already have a cell phone connected to the USB port and have run the RSD Lite 4.9 (in steps 3 and 4), so just select reboot option and immediately hold down the bar space until the blue screen appears with a message saying BOOTLOADER.
      9 – If all this is done step by step you at this time on the screen of your computer would be seeing the RSD Lite 4.9 informing you that you have entered the ENGINEERING MODE.
      10 – Using the mouse click on the button with … (three points) and select the file you copied SESLA_U3_01.72.0.sbf C: \ (in step 1)
      11 – Using the mouse, click the START button on the RSD Lite 4.9

      And then on screen you will see that SPICE XT300 begin installing the system showing different messages, and at the same time, the window of the RSD Lite 4.9, you will see the progress of the process of flashing.

      When it reaches 86% of the process is stopped momentarily, but then continues, so do not worry.

      When the process ends, the XT300 SPICE will automatically restart.

      Remember the first time the SPICE XT300 starts, it can take about 3 to 10 minutes.

      I hope that what I just explained it helps someone.

      Until next time!
      Mariano I. Pic


      Hola, quería realizar mi aporte para ayudar a los que han pasado por lo mismo que yo y mi SPICE XT300.

      Mi SPICE XT300 no booteaba y solo quedaba el
      logotipo de Motorola quedaba en la pantalla.
      Luego de muchos intentos y de varias lecturas logré
      instalar nuevamente el sistema por completo en mi
      motorola XT300.
      Usando el RSD Lite 4.9, y cuando intentaba utilizar
      el ROM “SESLAU301.72.0” me daba el error: “Unable to
      retrieve interface handle.(0x7027);phone connected”
      y no pude realizarlo hasta que hice lo que describo
      a continuación.

      1- Descargar el SESLA_U3_01.72.0.sbf (Copiarlo al
      2- Instalar todos los drivers del SPICE XT300.
      3- Conectar el SPICE XT300 con el cable USB.
      4- Ejecutar el RSD Lite 4.9.
      5- Quite la batería del celular y espere unos
      6- Inserte la batería al telefono celular y cuando
      éste se encienda, mantenga presionada la tecla X en
      el teclado del XT300 hasta que aparezca un triángulo
      con un signo de admiración, luego de esto presione
      la combinación ALT+X para acceder al RECOVERY.
      7- Seleccione WIPE DATA/CACHE usando las teclas de
      control de volumen y la tecla ENTER.
      8- Preste atención en este momento, y recuerde que
      usted ya tiene el teléfono celular conectado al
      puerto USB y ha ejecutado el RSD Lite 4.9 (en los
      pasos 3 y 4), así que solo debe seleccionar opción
      REBOOT e inmediatamente mantener presionada la barra
      espaciadora hasta que la pantalla azul aparezca con
      un mensaje diciendo BOOTLOADER.
      9- Si todo esto lo realizó paso a paso usted en este
      momento en la pantalla de su computadora estaría
      viendo que el RSD Lite 4.9 le informándole a usted
      que ha ingresado al MODO INGENIERÍA.
      10- Utilizando el mouse haga click en el botón que
      aparece con … (tres puntos) y seleccione el
      archivo SESLA_U3_01.72.0.sbf que usted copió en C:\
      (en el paso 1)
      11- Utilizando el mouse haga click en el botón START
      en el RSD Lite 4.9

      Y entonces en la pantalla del SPICE XT300 usted verá
      que el sistema empieza a instalarse mostrando
      distintos mensajes, y al mismo momento, en la
      ventana del RSD Lite 4.9, usted verá el progreso del
      proceso de FLASHING.

      Cuando llega al 86% del proceso se detiene
      momentáneamente, pero luego continua, así que no hay
      que preocuparse.

      Cuando termina todo el proceso, el SPICE XT300 se
      reiniciará automáticamente.

      Recuerde que la primera vez que el SPICE XT300
      inicia, puede demorar alrededor de 3 a 10 minutos.

      Espero que esto que acabo de explicar le sirva a


      Hasta la próxima!
      Mariano I. Pic


      • 2011/07/06 at 09:35

        Niiiiiiice! Pressing the spacebar appears somewhat obvious to try… but whatever…

        I’ve been busy with my new nexus one and the buggy touchscreen it came with…

  2. 2011/06/12 at 08:57

    Update.zip must be signed with Motorola’s keys… no way around that in a stock recovery boot.

    In Motorola’s website you can find the Motorola Software Updater. This should update your device to the current default stock, with the g-apps.

    You can also try to manually install the apk’s from the dump you acquired. The market is normally located in /system/app/vending.apk … or similar… try to install this.

  3. 5 Arief
    2011/06/16 at 11:02

    Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried installing vending.apk from other people’s dump, but to no avail. Everytime I open it, the application just crashed. Then I tried installing all the google services. After installing them, I tried launching the market. It loaded for a while until I reached the terms and agreement, then google services crashed, together with the market app.

    I’ll try looking in Motorola’s website

    Once again thanks for the reply!

    • 2011/06/16 at 13:16

      Did you check that the baseband versions of the dump and your device are the same? This may be the reason the market app crashed.

      You should also install the market updater… I forgot that.

  4. 7 csw2002
    2011/06/27 at 10:50

    I have the same problem in that Chinese Motorola XT300 could not be configured to log onto market. I was able to track down the issue to setupwizard.apk. This is what is crashing vending.apk. I have tried many different setupwizard.apk and but none would work. I even tried the setupwizard.apk from an xt300 stock rom (presumably from a Canadian release) on firmware SESLA_U3_01.53.1_R01 (mine is SESGC_U3_00.35.0) and it still crashes. I wanted to try to flash the ROM completely with the new rom I obtained but it looks like you are saying that it is not possible because bootloader would only allow Motorola signed update.zip and dumped rom won’t work at all. The fact is that I am not even able to bring up the recovery boot at all (using power+x, power + volume, alt+x etc) makes the whole point moot.

    • 2011/06/27 at 13:22

      It is not the bootloader that will only accept the signed update.zip, it is the recovery partition, which cannot be tampered with because of the bootloader…

      But either way, did you try to update your ROM with the Motorola Software Updater? It goes into RSD mode and flashes a sbf image.
      The Moto Software Updater is available in Motorolas website.

      The reason you are unable to enter recovery or other boot options could mean a different boot image, or bootloader. I don’t know. All the info I have is from testing on my own device and getting help in IRC channels… It is far from being an exact science.

  5. 9 csw2002
    2011/06/27 at 21:26

    I have looked at the motorola software update website (I presume you mean http://direct.motorola.com/ENS/SoftwareUpdateSelect.asp?country=CND&language=ENS&web_page_name=SUPPORT#) and I am not even able to find xt300. It does not matter which carrier I select. XT300 is simply not listed.

  6. 10 csw2002
    2011/06/27 at 21:53

    I was able to pick up the software updater software by encoding BRA as the country code. I was able to find spice under all the carriers. I successfully downloaded Motorola software update installation program from https://rsddownload.motorola.com/download/Motorola_Software_Update.exe. However, after installing it and running the Motorola software updater, the program was not able to detect that my phone was even connected via USB (even though Windows does detect the device).

  7. 11 csw2002
    2011/06/27 at 22:00

    I spoke too soon. I had to wait for Motorola software update to detect the device. It took about 1 min before it finally decided that it recognised the phone. Unfortunately, other than IMEI, the software update did not specify model nor operator and it stated that there is no software update currently available for the mobile device. Looks like I am out of luck here.

    • 2011/06/30 at 00:19

      If you want, I could make the sbf I got from the update process available and you could try to flash it with rsd lite…

      Can’t guarantee it will work, though. It might turn into a nice paperweight… probably won’t, you should be able to access the rsd mode even if something goes wrong, but this doesn’t mean that you can restore it since you don’t have a sbf you know that’s working…

      Are you sure the device is the same?

      (Sorry for the delay answering, my gmail was sending this stuff to spam)

  8. 13 csw2002
    2011/07/08 at 21:19

    Thanks for the reply. I was working interstate for the last couple of days and didn’t get a chance to check my private email. If you could make sbf available, that would be fantastic. I am yet to find out how I can access the RSD mode. During the boot process, I didn’t find anywhere for a boot menu at all. I am sure I have the xt300 and the Motorola’s packaging identifies it as xt300 and so does the phone itself under setting -> about phone.

    • 2011/07/09 at 00:28

      Mariano left a reply above saying that the Bootloader(RSD mode)(I confirm that my device enters the bootloader mode, have not tested with sbf yet) can be accessed by powering up the phone while pressing space.

      Here is the SBF that my updater downloaded and installed on my phone. Did not test it through rsd lite.


      If anything goes wrong you could try restoring your phone with the SESGC_U3_10.10.0_cu_monster rom thats available in…google.

  9. 15 csw2002
    2011/07/10 at 08:33

    Thanks for the file. I am still unabe to bring up the boot menu despite pressing down space button after powering up.

    • 2011/07/10 at 16:46

      It is possible you have a different motorola bootloader which does not enable you to enter the rsd mode.

      The RSD lite can reboot(into the bootloader) your cellphone for you, but it is possible you need to activate the debug mode in android(test with adb to check if it’s working)

  10. 17 mipcomp
    2011/07/10 at 15:48

    Csw2002, step by step, try it!
    1- power on with the X pressed.
    2- PRESS Alt L
    3- connect the USB cable to XT300
    4- run RSD Lite 4.9
    5- in the phone wipe data and cache
    6- attention here: select reboot in the phone and ENTER key, and
    Maintain the SPACEBAR of your phone pressed until the bluescreen appears
    if it done, you will see in RSD Lite that you entered to the engineering mode.
    then you can proceed to flash the XT300 with the SBF file.
    good luck!

  11. 2011/07/14 at 19:03

    this is the site i used to do it:


  12. 19 Tony
    2011/07/26 at 09:30

    Hey Oliver,

    I am in dire need of a Canadian ROM for an XT300. Can you by any chance point to an SBF file or complete ROM dump? The part I need the most is the radio image. I have recently flashed the Brazilian ROM (01.72), it works fine except no signal, as I assume their radio is set up differently.

    Thank you!

    • 2011/07/26 at 10:06

      Sorry, I don’t have a Canadian Rom. Will see if I can get my hands on one, or an older Brazilian one…

      I’ve googled for it quickly but didn’t find one…

      • 21 Tony
        2011/07/27 at 00:30

        A Brazilian ROM should work too as long as the carrier it comes from uses the UMTS/AWS 1700 band.

        Thanks for looking. Hope you can find one.

      • 2011/07/27 at 01:25

        AFAIK, UMTS is used in Brazil. No idea about the band though…

        I should have the romdumps of the LA 01.44.4 and the CA 01.53 somewhere. I don’t know if they could help you. I have terrible experiences restoring the romdumps to the phone…

        It seems that the updates by the Motorola Software Updater started at the 01.72 baseband… so it’s gona be hard getting the older SBFs.

        I should try to downgrade to force the updater to redownload the sbf, so I may be lucky managing to reverse engineer the download link and get older SBFs.. who knows… wouldn’t bet on it though.

  13. 23 Tony
    2011/07/27 at 09:04

    Is there a way to trick Motorola Software Update into updating my phone? How can I make it give me a Canadian version?

  14. 24 Tito
    2011/08/02 at 14:00

    any update on this, I update my phone with the Brazilian ROM (01.72) and now I don’t have my carrier. I leave in Canada

  15. 2011/08/03 at 14:21

    Sorry, no update.
    The best thing would be someone with the canadian firmware(01.53 if I remember correctly) managed to get the update, if it exists.

  16. 26 Tito
    2011/08/09 at 20:46

    I managed to get UMTS with the Brazilian ROM (01.72). I download a sbf file from:
    My problem now is that my phone only sees one Available Networks and only one, no matter what. I changed my APNs with the rights values and it connects to 3G but it is always connected to Rogers instead of Videotron.

    • 2011/08/09 at 22:43

      Did you try to set the “Operator selection” in the “Mobile network settings” view? maybe it will help.

      The site says the version is USASESRETBRB1B5LA028.

      The one I uploaded, has the name
      The version is the same.

      Could you send me the ROM you downloaded? Thanks

  17. 28 Tito
    2011/08/09 at 22:57

    Yes I try to set the “Operator selection” but it only give me one… Rogers nothing else.here is the link sorry for the other one it is not the right one.


    • 2011/08/09 at 23:35

      The link you posted is invalid. Seems truncated with ‘…’ …

  18. 30 Tito
    2011/08/10 at 09:07


    This one should work, sorry I was busy yesterday and I did not double check.

    • 31 Tito
      2011/08/10 at 09:18

      I don’t have my 3G anymore I just check my phone because the sbf is comming exactly from same place as you. I had it yesterday but not anymore I may changed something when I was trying to get my provider. I will start over tonight and I let you know.

  19. 32 Tony
    2011/08/27 at 19:39

    I didn’t manage to find a Canadian baseband or complete firmware online but I did buy another Mobilicity Moto Spice which is on stock firmware. If anyone knows a way to get the firmware out I’d be happy to share.

    • 2011/08/27 at 19:55

      The easiest and probably only way would be to update it via the motorola update software and make a copy of the downloaded firmware before it’s finished updating the phone, since afterwards the downloaded firmware will be deleted.

      If there is no updated… no idea. Perhaps trying the nandroid dump method… but it wont give you the sbf.

      • 34 Tony
        2011/08/27 at 23:57

        The firmware is already the latest version, MSU won’t give me an update until a new version comes out. Any way to force it?

        For future reference, where will this file be downloaded so I can find it fast, before the update finishes?

        Regarding nandroid, it doesn’t dump the baseband, from what I’ve read.

      • 2011/09/02 at 23:58

        The firmwares should be kept somewhere in
        /Program Files/Motorola/Software Update/

        Possibly in the firmwares folder. You probably should use google to confirm this.

  20. 36 Tony
    2011/08/29 at 08:24

    Hey Oliver,

    Which of the 12 mtd partitions is the baseband? If it’s none of them where is it? Can I dd it off one phone and onto another?


    • 2011/09/03 at 00:02

      Sorry for the delay, I’ve been sick the whole week.

      I’ve listed the mtd partitions and some of their content in another post of mine:

      It appears that the baseband is not accessible from the OS.(as well as the bootloader, apparently). I hope I have time to give it a look at google…

  21. 38 Tito
    2011/09/06 at 12:01

    Hi Tony,
    You can you redo the MSU again and when it tell you that your phone is up to date reboot it pressing “Space” key, don’t close your MSU your phone will be in RSD/BOOTLOADER mode and the MSU will continue with the following message “The update process has been interrupted and must be restarted.” click Retry And it give you the SBF for your firmware. MSU will download the SBF file and put it in C:\Program Files\Motorola\Software Update\firmwares.
    Since you have two phones make sure you removed Retail – Brazil_Brazil_WCDMA_RETBRXT300WN.xml.msu from C:\Program Files\Motorola\Software Update\firmwares before doing this and copy the SBF to another location before the update will be finish.

    • 2011/09/08 at 21:41

      Interesting! Can anyone confirm this? And upload the Canadian sbf ?

      • 40 Tony
        2011/09/15 at 00:13

        I can confirm this works on the phone running the brazilian ROM. I was able to get an SBF, the brazilian one only. It does not work on the canadian Mobilicity phone, MSU cannot identify the model and operator. I am getting a message saying it cannot identify my device at this time, try again. Any other thoughts? Any way to edit the “Retail – Brazil_Brazil_WCDMA_RETBRXT300WN.xml.msu” make it look like a canadian ID?

  22. 41 Tito
    2011/09/11 at 11:44

    Small correction on this, you need to make sure that MSU recognize your Model Number and Operator. I got someone with a Canadian phone but it only identifies the IMEI number so it doesn’t download the SBF file. It only says that the phone is up to date and when MSU restart the Select boxes are empty and it doesn’t download the default SBF.

    • 42 Tony
      2011/09/15 at 00:14

      That’s what I’m getting too, any thoughts on how to make it work?

  23. 43 Tito
    2011/09/15 at 11:07

    When you connect your phone with MSU, do you see your model number and provider? if yes.. start your phone and hold the Space key until a blue screen show up. MSU will start by itself and download your actual rom as SBF file. I am doing it with my phone right now but it already has the SESLA_U3_01.72.0 so it keep downloading the same rom.

    • 44 Tony
      2011/09/15 at 12:51

      For the Mobilicity stock phone it does not read the model and operator. For the phone with brazilian firmware it does and downloads the 01.72 again.

  24. 45 Tito
    2011/09/18 at 16:30

    Hi Olivervbk any idea how to make the MSU read the Model and Operator.

    • 2011/09/19 at 22:26

      No idea, sorry.

  25. 47 Jonathan
    2011/09/29 at 17:47

    help me please i have the problem i have no signal on my spice what can i do to fix this

  26. 48 Alex
    2012/05/20 at 15:12

    Hello. I’m not sure if you still update this site. Have you had any luck with the Motorola Spice sbf? I am struggling to fix it right now

    • 2012/05/24 at 01:24

      Yeah, I did…

      download the sbf from my dropbox (somewhere above), reboot into rsd mode and use rsd lite and it should work… the problem is if the sbf will work on your phone/location…

  27. 50 Alex
    2012/05/25 at 02:49

    Any luck with the Canadian version? Someone told me you can extract the file using ADB. i dont know anything about it though? Could you give me some advice with fixing my phone?

    • 51 Alex
      2012/05/25 at 20:36

      I basically need to reinstall the application “G apps” I can’t access the market anymore because i deleted it.

      • 2012/05/25 at 22:40

        …you lost me there.
        What is wrong with your phone? The market app is missing?
        G-apps is a package with some of google’s applications and I thing that you probably wont find any package that will work for this model since it only accepts signed packages (by motorola).

        You want the market app? that’s it? I have it somewhere, I think. Yeah, it’s not hard to copy it through ADB.
        Why did you delete it?

  28. 53 Alex
    2012/05/26 at 00:04

    Um I didnt delete the market app but every time I try to open it, I get a message saying “the application g apps has crashed” and i force close. And the main problem is that I can no longer register my google account. I’m not sure what the reason for it is but I think it may have had to do with the fact that I deleted the facebook app because it took up a lot of space on my phone. since then nothings been working right. the other option would be if you have a copy of titanium backup so i can access my backup of the files I deleted.

    Any ideas?

    • 2012/05/26 at 15:03

      Have you tried restoring to factory configurations? (and wiping cache,etc)

      • 55 Alex
        2012/05/27 at 00:27

        Yeah I’ve restored multiple times. It no longer asks me to register my google account on startup, I can text and call, I have no facebook app, I click on the market and it wont work.

        whats wiping cache?

        I guess i just need a way to put titanium backup on my phone because all my backups are on the sd card

      • 2012/05/27 at 14:20

        Wiping cache is removing the content of the cache partition, which is one of the partition which saves user data.

        Try entering recovery mode(described in this post) and deleting user data and cache.

        It’s weird that your phone does clean correctly when restoring factory defaults…

  29. 57 Alex
    2012/05/29 at 22:27

    My screen is currently broken but when my new flex cable comes in I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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