My Phone Is Back From Repair!

As some might have noticed, I ended up bricking my phone after I tried to replace a lib with a similar one from a HTC phone, where the adreno renderer was enabled.

Why brick with something to simple? Perhaps I wouldn’t have if I knew somethings I know today, like the superoneclick tool which can give you adb root shell.

My problem was that without the graphical interface working(the new lib did not work at all), the superuser app could not grant super user for my su in adb shell.

I ended up trying to restore my system partition(tar to yaffs2) back to my device, but got stuck in bootloop. GREAT!

Frustrated, I erased everything on my phone(as in boot partition went bye bye). Thus I discovered that the bootloader resided in the boot partition. GREAT²!

Apparently it works similarly to the droids mbmloader scheme. In short, I had only the usb interface to the mbmloader(?) which said ‘MSM7225 Flash’ and I did not have/find any driver to. And so I took it to the technical assistance.

After 20 days I finally got a call that my phone was back, ready for retrieval. Managed to get there in the same day still, was promptly served at the store and got my phone back.

I turned it up, noted that it didn’t ask for my Google account. So I reset it and booted again. I turned up fine. So my problem had been fixed! Finally! The wait had not been in vain.

Upon arriving home, I started setting up my phone again to an usable state, like disabling the APN connectivity which my phone account is not activated for. To login to my Google account and configure the phone I would have to connect to my WiFi network. I configured it and… it did not connect! WHY?

I erased the connection and tried again. No success… I went to advanced settings, and noted the Mac Address: 11:22:33:44:55:66! That is NOT normal, for one, the first byte should be EVEN! 11 is not a valid first byte for a normal devices mac address. And 11:22:33 is not even Motorola’s mac address range. GREAT³!

I checked the /etc/wifi/nvram.txt file which configures the devices mac address, it looks fine…

And so it will come to pass… that I will have to go to the store againCRAP…

The XT300 came back updated to Baseband version: A306_U3_01.72.0
And version: SESLA_U3_01.72.0

AFAIK, the update is available in motorolas crappy website. Moto Helper/Motorola Software Update.

And z4root does not work anymore. Superoneclick does(tested).

I heard that the new version is faster. Would have to remove phone portal and flashback to confirm 😛


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