Compiling GnuRadio on RHEL5 (5.6 Tikanga)

Since my android phone is taking a trip to the central technical assistance, I have time to write about some other things.

I’m currently trying to get gnuradio running on a Redhat 5 x64 machine.

Since the machines where I work have a custom repo, which updates all of them concurrently, the objective of this tutorial is to install gnuradio with minimal interference of customized packages which could induce presently or futurely a dependecy hell or any other problems…

If you don’t care for customized packages mayhem, I suggest taking a look at http://blackopsoft.com/Main_Page repository, which includes gnuradio and all it’s dependencies.

I’m compiling it onto my own account for now, will try to redistribute to the users in need of the software sometime.

Install via yum:

You need to get the following sources:

package (current version)
boost (1.46)

Extract all of them.


./configure –prefix=~/swig_install/
make install


./bootstrap.sh –with-libraries=thread,date_time,program_options –prefix=~/boost_install/
./bjam install


env PATH=~/swig_install/bin/:$PATH ./configure –with-boost=~/boost_install/ –prefix=~/gnuradio_install/ LDFLAGS=”-L~/gnuradio_install/lib64/” –prefix=~/gnuradio_install/
make install

Note: this throws error when trying to install python24 swig libs… Did not overcome those yet…
Obs.: the LDFLAGS=”-L~/gnuradio_install/lib64/” is a bug in gnuradio make install. make install tries to link to the lib without checking that it was installed to a custom prefix…

Testing the install:

env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/boost_install/lib/ ~/gnuradio_install/bin/gnuradio-config-info

Would have to test a compile using the libs…

Sorry, it was decided that the best would be to use a more upstream linux and we installed Fedora, so the installation was as complicated as running sudo yum install gnuradio-*.


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