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The Galaxy S3 faults and problems

I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S3 now for a few months and am somewhat satisfied with it. Even more since I previously was using that XT300(and still am as a secondary phone) which is far from the leading phones.

So, as I said, I somewhat satisfied. The 4.1 update was nice; project butter, the more complex notifications and Google Now are interesting features which make Android a better OS.

The problem is that with new features there are always unexpected/undocumented/unwanted features, aka. Bugs. One of the most annoying is that now it takes a while to wake the phone, pressing home or power, a few seconds, just to make one of the strongest phones in the market appear to lag. Also now when waking up the phone with the home button, it actually does go to home, forcing you to go to the app that was in foreground at the time once more.

Since the last update the phone has been freezing and rebooting automatically more than I’d like, I’m thinking of wiping the phone and seeing if the problems continue. Starting of having thoughts of flashing another rom. I don’t really want that since new problems normally come up, like instability, bad hardware support(slow video playback, camera stops working and such problems) and recurrent rom changes until I finally find one that works more or less.

I’ve been having problems with my SanDisk 32GB Class 10 U1 microSDHC card, which was slowly dying on me. It started with my netbook (Asus Eee PC 1005HA) having problems writing to it (I/O problem with something about cluster chain). On the phone it worked fine for a while but I started noticing that the card kept remounting (notification icon flashing) whenever I woke the phone. After a while it started claiming that I had a blank card and would not mount.

My computer displayed only sdb and not sdb1, fdisk and mount complained that /dev/sdb had no medium.

Keeping it off for a few days and plugging the card back in fixed the problem for a few hours, after that the same problem occurred.

I’m currently in contact with SanDisk support and seems I will get replaced, perhaps. I bought the thing on eBay  from a reputable seller, but you know… they say EVERY memory chip on eBay is counterfeit.. hehehe.

I’m using a 1 GB just for kicks that I had lying around and the remounting problem does not occur with it. Hopefully it doesn’t die on me also.

I found an interesting post regarding a similar issue. I do not know if it is really true or not, and probably will void your warranty..

XDA:”SD Card Unexpectedly Removed” hardware issue solved

Other than that, I still have a few rants complaints about the casing and screen. I keep my phone almost always in my pocket and on the table. I hate those protective screens and cases. The make the phone bulgier and the touch screen gets a plastic feeling. Unfortunately the back cover of my phone has already a lot of small scratches which make a few spots already seem dull, instead of the reflective “pebble blue”. Around the headphone jack there are bits chipping off. And, of course, GorillaGlass 2 is not up to it’s name. There is already a small nick on the screen.

There is one thing that surprised me a lot in this phone. The GPS. It’s one thing I can’t complain about. Together with GLONASS, the lock on is very fast and works (somewhat) indoors too!

Here is a comparison of the Galaxy S2 and a Galaxy S3:

S2 vs S3

S3 on the left and S2 on the right

It’s not that I regret having paid a lot of money for the phone ( about $900 at the time), tough I’d thought I’d have a better experience with it.

Maybe next time I’ll learn and buy an iPhone 😛 not a chance!

That’s it for my rants… I have to get back to posting useful guides/texts.


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