Part 2: XRF, Teensy 2.0 and Xbee adaptor

So I had two XRFs modules, only one XBee adapter to use them with, which was unfortunately only working via serial, though still better than nothing.

I already had a Teensy, so I ordered a Xbee adaptor (http://www.pjrc.com/store/xbee_adaptor.html) for it and two XBBOs from Ciseco. I’d certainly wouldn’t need more after this. (LOL, do need, want a XBee Explorer from Sparkfun)

Finally arrived, wasn’t so fun soldering the SMT parts on the board with a soldering iron and far too thick solder.. but seems I managed fine.

The XRF, the soldered Adaptor and the Teensy with Sockets.

The three connected.

The thing is, the Teensy is sold with pins… for breadboard connecting. And the XBee Adaptor is sold also with pins.. why? Thankfully I had a normal teensy (without pins or sockets) so I had ordered sockets too. Learned my lesson from last time.

Soldering the XBBOs took a bit longer, they have a lot more components but thankfully no SMT.

XBBO from Ciseco

Sadly the Teensy is now quite bit bigger with the sockets. Maybe I’ll order a new one for smaller purpouses which I had originally in mind. Would also have been VERY nice if the XBBOs had USB support…


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